Washington State

Department of Social & Health Services

DSHS is a collective of multiple divisions that seek to transform lives. From the Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, which seeks to transform lives by promoting choice, independence and safety through innovative services to the Services and Enterprise Support Administration which seek to transform lives by helping those who serve to succeed. All divisions work together to provide clients with the services they need.

Some Basic Services:


Food Assistance: 

Basic Food Assistance

(EBT) Electronic Benefits Transfers

(360) 501-2400

Basic Food Employment & Training 


Housing Assistance:              


Housing & Essential Needs


Cash Assistance:


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

General Assistance Unemployable: 


General Assistance Unemployable

DSHS Complaint Resolution Unit: 

(800) 562-6078

Child Care:

Child Care Subsidy Program

Child Support:

Alternative Solutions (Child Support)


Youth Services:
Peer Mentoring Program 


Family Integrated Transitions (FIT)  


Adult Care:

Long-Term Care / In-Home Care

Adult Protective Services:

Phone: 877-734-6277

TTY: 800-672-7091


711 Vine Street Suite B 

Kelso, WA  98626 

Hours: M- F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm