Financial Capabilities

Financial Capabilities is a six-week series that meets two times per week.

The aim of the class is to empower students to make informed and prudent decisions when it comes to dealing with their financial situations.

Module 1- Where does my (attitude towards) come from?  

Explore your personal relationship and views of money and understand your sources and timing of income.


Module 2- Where does my money go?

Investigate your spending habits as you construct a total picture of your finances.


Module 3- Making changes with your money.

Consider their financial goals and habits and how to use banks and financial intuitions.


Module 4- How can I get money out of my situation?

Understand the opportunities and pitfalls that come with debt as well as consider ways in which to increase your income.


Module 5- Empowered to make tough choices.

Learn how to deal with your debt situation and how to make positive changes moving forward.


Module 6- Our Money. Our Future.

Examine how choices today will impact your future and the future of your children.



8:30 am - 10:30 am

Phone: 360-578-4245