Mock Interviews 

Do you have a client that is always anxious before an interview? Or maybe they lack confidence in their interviewing skills? Maybe they would simply like to be a better interviewee overall. If so, refer them to WorkSource Cowlitz-Wakiakum's Mock Interviews! All are welcome. 


Mock Interviews are held every second Friday of each month.


Participants will receive tips, tricks, and other forms of constructive criticism by each "employer". Employers will include WorkSource staff as well as community employers. 


Tips may include how participants should conduct themselves in an interview such as; body language, appropriate attire,  how to market themselves, and appropriately tackle those tricky behavior questions. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top three interviewees. 

Mark Your Calendar!

Interviews Start at 1:30 pm Sharp!

305 S. Pacific Ave., Ste. B

Kelso, WA 98626