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Rikki Smick

Web Designer | Editor

Welcome to our Community Resources Website!


In 2017, a task team made up of local, state, and non-profit

agencies emerged together to create a place that would

inspire and support the community in reducing the poverty

in Cowlitz County.  



                              We recognized that resources existed but found it was difficult                                  in finding them. In response, we gathered all the resources                                      we could find and added them in one area for easier access.

                              This ended up becoming resource website called, "Taking                                     Charge." 


Since then, our efforts have stretched to our neighboring counties:

Clark and Wahkiakum. Both have taken the charge and created

their own resources guides/website. Our once little website now

has grown to the Southwest Washington region! Together we can

be the change and stomp out poverty! 

                          We believe that a single action can make a difference in the                                    community, and that   collective action can greatly impact the                                    world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works                              tirelessly each  day to contribute their part to the greater good and                            to aid clients in taking charge of their lives.



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Angela Song

Team Leader Assistant |Editor

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Esther Sadlier

Team Leader |Community Outreach Rep.

Past Team Members

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