Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success is a six-week course that teaches life and soft skills that job seekers need to get and keep a job. The workshop series is ongoing and customers can start any week except week 6. 

Each module is 4 days long - 20 hours for the week.  

Module 1- Work Concepts

Prepare for work, a career, and life. Assess current skills, instill a positive mental attitude, and learn needed information that can benefit when engaging with employers.


Module 2- Health & Well-Being

Understand needs, boundaries, and other elements of personal wellness, identify community resources.


Module 3- Effective Communication

Focus on verbal and non-verbal communication and office communication etiquette. 


Module 4- Personal Strength Builders

Identify purpose/goals, assess strengths and building skills through their strengths. Plan direction in job search or education and training.  

Module 5- Community Engagement

Participants explore the process by which they connect to their community and its diverse citizenry. Participants also recognize they are part of the collective vision for the benefit of a community- build awareness, personal involvement, and civic responsibility.


Module 6- Work Concepts II

(Any other Module is a prerequisite)

Prepare for work: 

1) Address work habits

2) Improve interactions with co-workers, supervisors and customers

3) Engage potential employers - the last day, the class will work on a presentation where they are able to walk into an interview and a potential job


Completed tasks give customers that feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and happiness.

Strategies for Success is six weeks long with different courses that teach the life and soft skills customers need to get and keep a job.

Customers can start on any Module 
(except Module 6)


12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Phone: 360-578-4244